Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 9, 2013

“Priming the pump” for results with 365 days of getting it done

Years ago I listened to a Zig Ziglar CD and one of the messages was “priming the pump”. Well (no pun intended), 365 days of getting it done is priming the pump for that’s all I can do right now. Here’s Zig talking about priming the pump below.

Basically the crux of the tale is that you need to keep going when results aren’t showing. Much like planting a seed there will be times when it looks like there is nothing going on. Let me tell you… that is not the time to walk away.

Even as the words are being typed, I’m trying to build my freelance business and find a job at the same time. It’s tough and character building at the same time. With a bucket load of phone calls and resumes sent to prospective employers, all I can do is persevere and believe that what I’m doing today will positively impact my day tomorrow.

365 days of getting it done is my way of sharing the ups and downs on the journey of life we share. I’d be lying if I said I was a bundle of joy right now. Wait…

Perhaps it’s time for a little reflection. Today:

* I received a phone call from an old work colleague who is runs the sales team for a national print company – he wants a proposal for SEO…. THAT’S BIG!

* Have an interview with a SEO company just three minutes walk from home and next to the gym I go to.

* Trained back at the gym after a week off.

* Spoke to a number of employment agencies.

* Continued my study to becoming a Google Jedi.

So I take it back. I am bundle of joy! I’m smiling now.

Yeah, it’s back to priming the pump – because when the water starts to flow… it’s going to come GUSHING!

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