Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 8, 2013

Living in Melbourne on day 121 of 365 days of getting it done

Yo. It’s Monday and life is very calm at the moment. The day is flowing beautifully and this afternoon the trend looks to continue. That’s what living in Melbourne on day 121 of 365 days of getting it done feels like today. Makes me feel like shuffling – Melbourne Shuffle that is.

Check out what the kids are doing today…

When you dream the size of 365 days of getting it done, you need a city the size of Melbourne to provide the opportunity. I’ve got big goals for the next 12 months:

* Another trip to the USA with my girl

* Love the new Mercedes A250 sports so would like one of those

* Move into a bigger apartment to start a family

Melbourne is the perfect place to make those goals happen. It’s got an energy that keeps you intrigued and invigorated. You can either chill at home or blend in with the millions of others that live here. And people in Melbourne are generally trying to help each other in business. So it’s a perfect place to make it all happen.

Or maybe it’s just my outlook. Perhaps a combination.

Todays post is more contemplative than biographical. Sometimes it’s relaxing to take in where you live, how it makes your feel and how you got to be there. The journey ahead is just as freaking exciting though looking at where you’ve come from is inspiring as well.

On a side note. Do you think it’s possible that writing, such as I’m doing now, can be or is influenced by the music we listen to? I’m listening to Nero and it’s emotional music. As I said… a side note.

Anyways. The above is true about opportunity. I got on the phones today to look for opportunity. All you’ve got to do increase your energy. Life favours those that get off their ass and do something about chasing opportunities as I was rewarded. Thank you Melbourne. A couple of cool results today – one being my first website build quote. Game on!

365 days of getting it done

That straight line through the sun has to be from a UFO!

And I love the photos that I take of Melbourne that I can use for 365 days of getting it done. Like the one above.

Continually improving,


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