Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 3, 2013

Being a Google Jedi with the help 365 days of getting it done

I said it all along that this blog would create something that had the potential to be spectacular. But not what has been presented to me in the past few days. Creating a new business! Being a Google Jedi with the help of 365 days of getting it done, mmmm, yes am I.

Google Jedi

Tap into the Googleshpeel.

(The meme was generated on this site and not by me… just sayin’)

To be on the Dogged Connection team, one has to become a Google Jedi. For without Google the universe does not exist. With my Google Jedi skills I make sure you’re connected to the Google Forces.

Okay, that’s clearly getting out of hand but there is a point. I am so clearly down the online rabbit hole and can’t get enough! I love what I do.

Let me tell you, allowing every single creative element you have inside to be opened up creates realms of endless possibilities (that sounds so cliched yet I can’t put it simpler) that the universe then moves heaven and earth to make it happen… when you do.

Do you get what I'm putting down?

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Man, I thought I loved my last job?! I did. It’s just with Dogged Connection there’s something very organic (another cliche for 365 days of getting it done) about it’s inception and direction. This is definitely building to be a legacy – something that continually improves… at a freakin’ hourly rate at this stage!

Finding meaning in what I do and how it can positively impact the life of someone else puts a big smile on my face. It’s pushing me to truly live the Kaizen lifestyle and you know what? I am and am digging the shit out of it!

365 days of getting it done has delivered an opportunity to develop myself. When you try to follow a yearly routine as opposed to a daily or weekly routine, you know it may take a while to get results.

There’s challenges, new ways of thinking and doing. There were days when I asked why had I created the blog in the first place? I’d get little signs here and there of being in the right direction, forward motion, sideways for a couple of days and then bounce back and get it done.

Then ka-pow! Knocked on my ass.

It was the best thing that could of happened to me.

Find the Jedi in you and master your force. Maybe we can compare light-sabre’s one day.


PS – special note to my girl… Getting it done baby xoxo

PSS – thanks to Attack of the Cute for the dog pic.


  1. Legend! I really love the energy of your blog today and cant wait to hear more about Dogged Connection.. awesome pic from

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