Posted by: craigsblogs72 | April 2, 2013

All fired up, Dogged Connection and 365 days of getting it done

Van Halen’s got me all fired up today! Actually, I fired me up and then Van Halen dropped some audio fuel to explode things! Then 365 days of getting me done comes into the equation and life is off tap.

But before I fire up even more below, I need to get something off my chest. I miss the love of my life – my sexy bum. Yep. There. I said it. Moving on.

I’m sitting in the newly opened office of Dogged Connection. An unexpected burst of energy that has arisen from a challenge. It’s a new way of thinking, continually improving as every hour ticks by. When all you have is the focus of one, it’s like your tapping into the matrix and feeding off the energy you can’t see. Quantum physics much?

So I was, like, you know, like sooooooo totally immersed in this new groovy thang – positive energy. Creating a business with positive energy is like finding a new fuel source we don’t know but can fuel any flying object to anywhere in the universe… MAN!

It comes about when you find strength, inspiration, calm, vision, desire…. The list goes on – throw in your words where appropriate. Everything is growing at the right pace. Fast and furious. Woof!

365 days of getting it done is venturing into awesome new territory. It’s scary the living shit out of me but it’s so freaking exciting at the same time. The cool thing is, now I’m putting my heart and soul into something special, the universe is responding with the right ideas and actions to create the next steps. Barking like a mofo!

The amazing thing when you’re set free to try something new and different is all you freaking see is opportunity. Find what it is that makes you that little bit different but in a good way. It only makes things better for the world around you. Life is intoxicating.

To get to this point in just over 110 days of 365 days of getting it done rocks my world. That’s Kaizen style.

I’ve found a direction that is perfectly aligned to my career path. It brings together my love for dogs, the online space and business consultancy. Makes me quietly boogie away in my chair. So does Van Halen. So does thinking about my girl.

So does Dogged Connection. That makes me boogie a lot. Some call that the hedgehog principle. Google “hedgehog principle” if you’re interested.

Thank you to these sites for the pictures below. Crazy dogs crack me up.

Crazy dogs

More crazy dogs



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