Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 30, 2013

Taking the bull by the horns with 365 days of getting it done

Man, two days after being cut loose from my job, I’m feeling so freaking pumped about the future that I just want to get into the opportunities ahead. Taking the bull by the horns with 365 days of getting it done is where it’s at today.


As mentioned yesterday, life has been a roller coaster since Friday but two days in and I’m ready to take on the world!

I feel that has been long enough to shift through the various emotions. Living in multiple states of mind through out the day is tiring and stops the positive flow. I’m sure I’m not done yet with regards to complete closure. That will happen in time.

Right now I need to focus on continually improving. This challenge allows me to truly live and breathe the Kaizen philosophy of living. Especially in those moments where I feel like losing my shit.

365 days of getting it done is the epicentre of something huge that’s about to explode. I’ve been scared to shine before. Not anymore. It is time to get it on!

Maybe it’s because I play computer games that I’ve adapted so well. Just like any game I play, it’s about meeting challenges with calculated strategies and outcomes.

Just quickly, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this. I’m now a freelancer and would like to know what you think of the title “Dogged Freelance”?

There’s so much to get done over the next two weeks. No baby steps. That’s too slow. Time to go large!

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