Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 26, 2013

Shifting thought patterns on day 109 of 365 days of getting it done

Shifting thought patterns on day 109 of 365 days of getting it done is where it’s at. But before we get into to it… a tune.

Everybody, please enjoy the rockin’ tune of Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time”. I know you want to.

So, I read a post on facebook the other day that went something like this:

“Taking up headspace with negative thoughts does not allow the positive thoughts and opportunities to flow in.”

Think about that before moving on because it’s a game changer.

And let’s get one thing clear here. 365 days of getting it done is not about re-inventing the wheel of life. I take my learnings from the day and simply share with others. If just one person gets something positive from my posts – the world has become a better place.

Back to the crux of today. Reading that post on facebook and taking it in has vastly improved how quickly I resolve the negative thoughts that enter my head. Again, it’s not a new way of thinking – this is old school stuff here. For someone like me, who likes to live a life that is based on continually improving on a daily basis, a saying like the above is just another little 1 percent-er that implemented makes a huge difference.

My work life has become hectic lately and that’s my own doing. High activity breeds high productivity. But the increased challenges that come with high productivity can take their toll. So when communication breaks down, it can be easy to find a dark space and brood on negative thoughts.

Looking at those challenges, it’s the value that I have given them. Either negative or positive. 365 days of getting it done thrives on positive thoughts and actions. That means the negative ones need to be resolved quickly to allow the good stuff to happen.

My headspace has changed dramatically in the last week and a bit. I’m not saying that a negative thought doesn’t enter my mind. That would be nirvana and after all, I am human. What has happened though is my ability to resolve a negative thought much more quickly. And it’s not a matter of simply dismissing said thought. It’s taking in that thought, understanding it for what it is and dealing with it. Much like the old adage of “deal with a piece of paper once” (from a work perspective).

Allowing those thoughts to dissolve quicker really has opened up more opportunity and positiveness into my life. It’s a freaking blast with 365 days of getting it done!


Love this pic!

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