Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 24, 2013

Getting out and about on day 107 of 365 days of getting it done

Getting out and about on day 107 of 365 days of getting it done today was just what the doctor ordered. My girl, our 2 dogs and I went for a drive to Sorrento down south of Melbourne.

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Sorrento and 365 days of getting it done

It’s the first time that we’d both been down there and it really is a typical Australian coastal town. Though walking down the main strip it has a feel that money has moved into town and unless you’re driving the latest European family wagon, then you’re not really meant to be there on a weekend. It’d be interesting to see what the place is like during the week.

Anyway, 365 days of getting it done needed a break from business, gym and any other high energy thought process so heading down to the coastal town was just perfect. Nothing better than grabbing an awesome hamburger with the lot, well cooked fat chips and hanging with the family on a park bench chowing down.

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of all the productive things in life is something that should be done regularly. Whether it’s getting it the car and just driving or whatever it is that you love doing to get away from it – it needs to be done more often.

And that’s what 365 days of getting it done is about. It’s about doing the things required for a year to improve my lifestyle for myself and my family. Our family hasn’t got out for a while because I’d be too hungover on the weekends to want to do anything. See this post about breaking the alcoholic habit. It really was awesome just to drive without a care in the world and experience a town we’d never been to before.

Do you take the time in your life to do those things that make you happy and give you a break from getting it done? You should.

Well, the weekend is during to a close. 365 days of getting it done will start burning it up tomorrow and I can’t wait. I think this clip will start my day tomorrow. GAME ON!


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