Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 23, 2013

Facebook, what’s said on it and day 106 of 365 days of getting it done

Facebook, what’s said on it and day 106 of 365 days of getting it done is bugging the shit out of me right now. To a point that I need to post a blog about it – to clear my thoughts and move on from an insignificant moment.

Firstly – a video to sum up my thoughts…

The beginning lyrics are:

Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free.
Released from those poisonous fears.
Resurrected once and for all.
You want me to hold my tongue,
Then why the f**k am I here?
You want me to bottle my rage,
Cause you never had the heart to say what I say.

Firstly, I’m not aggressive. Well, I get frustrated and will vent but never to a point of aggression. That’s what the Youth Gone Wild do (reference to Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild). Secondly, the band in this video – Hatebreed – actually stand for a person becoming strong of mind and will. To face and overcome their challenges. They just get their point across in a very brutal (musical) way. It’s the stuff I love, being a musician myself.

365 days of getting it done is about continually improving. So there are times when I need to write on here what’s going on in my head. Like today.

On Facebook (that’s a link to this blogs facebook page, not my personal page), today I put up a post about something that was new and unique to my life. And I’ll tell you now, IT WAS NOT GROUND BREAKING OR EARTHING SHATTERING STUFF! It was, however, something that brings a freaking huge smile to my face and I was involved in the moment so much so I put a post up.

The comment got a bunch of likes, a few encouraging comments and then one comment that took a shine off the whole thing. So now I’m going to vent.

Facebook is a public arena. I get that. Posting stuff up, whether on my own page or 365 days of getting it done page, it’s up there for people to read, like and comment. My point today is that I put up a post that, once again, was something close to me and in all honesty, not something that I expected a response on. If anything, I put it up there for my family to read because they would get it and have a laugh.

Yet someone decided to bring the rain on an otherwise sunny day. I don’t get it? And this same person put up a post the other day, that if put next to my post, would have just the same amount of uninspiring impact yet I liked their post because I genuinely felt happy for them.

So for that person to put a snide comment up regarding my experience today upset me.

Wait… I need to stop. To continue and keep feeding their negative energy doesn’t allow the positive energy to flow into my life.

That’s what I like about 365 days of getting it done. Putting it down here allows an understanding of the situation in the first instance, deal with it and then release it.

PEACE…. and to end the blog with The Rock – love this guy.

365 days The Rock style

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