Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 19, 2013

Learning from the past on day 102 of 365 days of getting it done

Let’s be honest. We all make mistakes throughout our lives. Learning from the past on day 102 of 365 days of getting it done is the subject of the day.

They say life will throw curve balls at us every so often to keep us on our toes. What if we’re the ones throwing the curve balls at ourselves? And doing it a continual basis. That’s not the kaizen way – continually improving. That’s the polar opposite.

I’m writing todays post from my own experience, my own curve ball, for my own benefit to get some deep down thoughts out.

365 days of getting it done is normally upbeat and full of life. Today I need to reflect on the challenges that I’ve put myself through lately and exactly what I’m going to do about them now and in the future.

Who am I to say “continually improve” your life one day at a time if I’m not swallowing my own medicine? If that’s all I do – preach, then I’m nothing more than a glorified salesperson.

Learning from the past is easy. Much like picking up a history book and learning about how countries were formed, how people of great influence rose to their positions, it’s easy to learn. The challenge comes from doing something with that knowledge.

I’d love to say that as of today, day 102 of 365 days of getting it done, that I have learned from the past and have changed the paradigms that have created my challenges. Maybe I have learned… but does that translate into permanent change. I’d like to think so but one of my challenges has been re-occurring for many years. It’s got to a critical mass stage and either I break it, or it will break me.

I’m not one to hide from what I face – hence a public forum such as this blog. By sharing I hope to reach out to other people that face challenges in their lives and endure hardship. Perhaps this blog can bring us together and we can move forward as a united front. You don’t need to share. Just take on board that we’re in this together.

365 days of getting it done will bounce back. That I know for a fact…

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