Posted by: craigsblogs72 | March 4, 2013

Goals, day 86 and 365 days of getting it done with Mark Whalberg

Mark Whalberg appeared on Ellen tonight so that’s why he’sin the title. Though if you were to ask him if goal setting was important to him, he’d probably say yes. 365 days of getting it done for him would be massive!

Marky Mark











Today I put into play a new goal for 365 days of getting it done. A new car. Nothing out of the ordinary there and it’s just a car. Just a new car. Everybody, this the new car that I’m in love with…

My new car








I’m a big believer of putting it out there to the universe more now than ever. The way life has continually improved over the past few weeks has flawed everything I knew and created new paradigms that bring goals into reality.

By the way, I get that this type of car is not for everyone. 365 days of getting it done in my world more than likely has completely different goals and objectives than in your world. It is simply a car I like at this stage in my life. To me, the stunning lines, sporty wheels and overall superb look is exactly what I’d like in a car. Therefore if you don’t like it, don’t say anything. Simple.

365 days amped up last week and it’s given me an insight to what’s achievable over the next few weeks. With a little focus, energy and movement – the landscape has shifted and that game has changed… and I freaking love it!

Any idea that

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