Posted by: craigsblogs72 | February 27, 2013

Day 81 of 365 days of getting it done – headspace

Things can get a little crazy in the headspace of 365 days of getting it done. Thankfully there’s usually a positive outcome to those moments. The picture sums it up perfectly.


365 days of getting it done












It happens when you’re going full tilt. Life takes on an unnatural state and you get caught up in the craziness of it all. If it were a perfect ride all the time then boredom would set in and then the true nature of chaos would rear it’s ugly head. So riding out the bumps is just part of the game.

Like a kid that is riding their bike for the first time, there’s bound to be some spills along the way. And if you remember being a kid riding for the first time, you’ll remember how you got back on the bike after falling off and started riding again because you wanted to get it done!

365 days of getting it done has highlighted to me that I’m stronger than I think. That it is possible to be all I can be. All it requires is energy, focus and movement. Energy to be able to get it done. Focus to know what’s got to be done. And then get off your ass and get it done! Every now and then though there’s going to be some challenges and that try to upset that flow.

Times like that you have to stand strong. A bit like this guy…

The Rock








I bet even The Rock has days where he questions what goes on in his muscled head. Yet he continues to rise and rise in his popularity because he works hard at who he is, not what he does. (Life is not all about popularity – it’s The Rock’s paying game so I’m sure he’s got an interest in how he is perceived)

Those headspace challenges are sent to us for a reason. It’s almost like it’s level up time and to make the next level, you’ve just got to sort through some stuff and then move on. I had one of those moments today and something clicked. I levelled up and the game intensified. 365 days of getting it done is about continually improving one day at a time. You just can’t rush awesomeness…




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