Posted by: craigsblogs72 | February 23, 2013

Day 77 of 365 days of getting it done – recharging

It’s day 77 of 365 days of getting it done and today is all about recharging the batteries. The body batteries and the brain batteries. When you’re trying to get it done all over the place, there just comes a point when everything grinds to a halt and switches off.

Before we go any further though, I’m a sucker for trams. Took this photo in Richmond as the ol’ clacker was going by.
Love an old tram

77 days of 365 days of getting it done and I’m amazed at the continual improving that goes on in my life. Activity and results for my career are stepping up another notch. Training in the gym, overall fitness and ability to lose weight are all increasing. The twice a week group PT session guys are getting results so there’s another huge tick as to what’s going on. My overall desire to get more done continually increases.

Yet there comes a time, even for Metallica (that’s just for Alicia’s benefit), when the energy levels need to be pegged back and take a day to recover.

I read in article a few weeks back that over training in the gym was a thing made up by Western civilisation so they could have a day or two to recover during the week. The guys in the East train everyday and continue to get results.

So on that. I’m not training to be the world’s strongest man. I’m not trying to turn over a billion dollars worth of revenue in a year. I’m not training the entire population of Melbourne. Point is. Once in a while, even a person with crazy energy levels needs to power down once in a while.

It’s hard to do at first because when a brain is hard wired for action, that’s all it thinks about. To slow down that energy is like pulling up a fully loaded container ship going at speed.

And if you’ve noticed that it’s not a daily dose of 365 days of getting it done… well, that’s because it’s getting done more than ever. There’s a new website on the way. Time to make this legit. Know what I’m sayin’?

Took this the other night. Have I told you I love a good sunset?
My favourite


  1. Love it – my body and brain said enough today – made me feel better to read your blog 🙂

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