Posted by: craigsblogs72 | February 12, 2013

Day 66 of 365 days of getting it done – YYYEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!

Albert Park

Game on bee-arches!!! Day 66 of 365 days of getting it done! Oh man… OH Man… OH MAN!!! It’s lighting up all over the joint!

I get a little excited when it comes to blogging these days and sometimes have no idea where to start because so much has happened before I go to type. Just like right now. It’s 8.29pm and I’m still getting it done. And not because I have to but because I want to.

There’s an energy behind all that I’m doing that is unlike any I’ve felt before. Sounds odd, right?

Sometimes we’ve got to get a little insightful when we’re checking out what turns the cogs in life. If you could make those cogs more efficient, effective and continually improve them, wouldn’t you want to? Okay, no more questions. I promise.

By the way, this is Bury Your Dead and their song “The Sirens of Titan”. Music plays a big part of my energy… get on ’em.

365 days of getting it done is becoming the game changer I thought it would be. It’s introducing me to opportunities that I knew I was looking for but didn’t know how to bring them into reality. That energy I’m feeling just comes naturally now. When I wake up (The Proclaimers everybody) in the morning, it’s like my body is an engine and when it’s warmed up, then drop the gear and stomp the throttle!

There’s a spark to what I do for a living. Being the Melbourne SEO Guru is an awesome way to make a bit of coin. When you love what you do for a career, the world really does become your playground because you look at things so differently. It’s not just suiting up to sell something because you need to pay the bills. No disrespect to those people because I get that.

And like with my PT group. Man, hanging out with other people that want to go crazy with exercise pumps me up too! Can you tell I’ve had a cracking day?!

What I’m saying is that when you change your outlook on what you do, that’s when the magic happens. Try it! I did and freaking love it!

Even felt compared to share a pic from the road today… it’s how you look at things.
Day 66 of 365 days of getting it done

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