Posted by: craigsblogs72 | January 21, 2013

Day 44 of 365 days of getting it done – 1 billion likes

Let's make it happen

A billion likes for a more peaceful world


Day 44 of 365 days of getting it done and I’m chasing 1 billion likes on facebook for a better world.

At this point I’m a long way off and I don’t get it. The people of facebook will “like” a cute photo of little girls wanting a puppy. They said if they get 1 million ‘likes’, then they’ll get a new puppy. Okay, I get it that and I actually liked that post myself.

What I don’t get it are the followers who are trying to score everything from going to a mate’s party because their wife won’t let them to a teenager trying to lose his virginity. The facebook crowd are loving and these people are also getting likes. That I do not get.

So I tried a social experiment last night and put this post up and have had a total of 14 likes – check it out here. The girls and the puppy, I believe, took less than 48hrs to get their 1 million likes. Yet I put up a post to make the world a better place and almost nothing. All I want it to see a show of unity from 1 billion likes on facebook that people agree the world should be a more peaceful place.

I want to take 365 days of getting it done into the stratosphere. Funnily enough, after posting for the 1 billion likes, I went to bed thinking I’d wake up to at least a few hundred thousand likes. HA! Who was I kidding… maybe that will happen tonight. Actually – I’m determined to see this one through. Watch this space.



  1. Maybe it needs to be more specific or interactive or action provoking? E.g. “Like to tell the UN we want the war in… to stop” or “Like if you are more interested in promoting world peace than helping a little girl use social media to bribe her parents into buying a puppy”? Also I think there is a mathematical equation for ‘going viral’… check out this link for tips and keep up the great work. You’re inspirational 🙂

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