Posted by: craigsblogs72 | December 26, 2012

Day 18 of 365 days of getting it done – choices

365 days of getting it done #19

No matter where you are, what situation or what’s going on you always have a choice.

I’ll keep my example simple. I can choose to use Boxing Day – that which is day 18 of getting it done 365 days style! Today could be a day of rest from exercise and blogging. But because of choices, then life can be whatever you want. So I’m going to get on the cardio stuff for 30 minutes and then come back to blogging. I’ll finish the evening off by spending time with a girl I love with all my life.

Others choose to do their own thing. And that’s fine by me because it’s your choice. Never let someone get in the way of making a good choice. For your good choice will flow on to others and the story goes on. It sounds simple. That’s ’cause it is.

From a quantum physics level, your thoughts (that guide your choices) move through the universe have a forward effect on how life pans out. Don’t believe me? Start making the right choices for you and the world you live in and see what happens.

I made a choice to get energised this morning via a workout this afternoon. I did it. Then there was the choice to blog. 365 days of getting it done is getting done! Alicia is getting it done on the iPad. My dogs are getting it done just hanging out with each other. It all came down to a choice.

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