Posted by: craigsblogs72 | December 20, 2012

Day 12 of 365 days of getting it done – every day is a holiday

Just like the clip, 365 days of getting it done  is becoming like a holiday! Why? Because when you let go of the fears of life and embrace who you are and enjoy every second that you’re on this planet – then every day is a holiday. Take Sandi Krakowski as an example. This woman is absolutely loving life and lets you know about it when she regularly updates what she’s up to. Now I know that’s not for everyone because people choose to want to wallow in their own self-pity sometimes. And I’ll admit I can be like that myself yet I am finding more and more than shifting focus from negative thoughts to endless possibilities and getting it done is starting to turn my life around.

So even a holiday can have it’s ups and downs. I get that. But is not true that it’s all in your head, for most part (unless Jason Voorhees is trying to disembowel you at the local lake), as to how you deal with those ups and downs? Now when I’m faced with a challenge I can leverage of my positive energy that has been taken into the stratosphere in the last 12 days and overcome adversity with a mind more focused on a positive result rather than the doom and gloom of the situation. That really does make it like I’m on a holiday.

When you’re on holidays, you tend to enjoy every second. Man, getting it done 365 days style is making every day a holiday.

Yep yep yep. On the road to awesomeness.

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