Posted by: craigsblogs72 | December 19, 2012

Day 11 of 365 days of getting it done – discipline


It’s really is amazing at what this blog is doing for my life. The one word that comes to mind is discipline. Discipline of getting it done! 365 days of getting it done is developing discipline in my life on a daily basis. The thoughts of ‘oh no, I have to blog again’ are almost a thing of the past. So much so that I’m now on to my 5th blog because there’s something inside me that won’t let up until my thoughts are out.

The coolness doesn’t stop their. Because I’m actively pushing myself to do a simple thing, like blog, daily I’m becoming more hungry to pursue other activities and get those done as well. I used to only train once a day. It’d be a massive strength training session and that would be it. Now I’m smashing out a 2nd session for the day for cardio. I’m leaning up, energising the shit out of my body and getting more and more enthused about what I can achieve in this life.

I knew that 365 days of getting it done  would turn into something but just wasn’t sure what. The fact that it really has enforced discipline into my life is a real WOW factor and it’s only day 11. What will happen at the end of day 365? Man, it’s going to be awesome to look back and see what the journey has brought into my life.

I’ve decided to add a video to each blog. This one takes me back some years… enjoy – on the road to awesomeness.


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