Posted by: craigsblogs72 | December 12, 2012

Day 4 of 365 days of getting it done

Just quickly, I posted on my other blog about negativity this morning. That insidious mind process nearly took hold this morning and after 3 days of this blog, I was ready to jam it where the sun does not shine. And would you believe the cause? PRE-WORKOUT! It’s one particular brand that doesn’t get along with me. Anyway, it’s in the bin and I’ve moved on.

So day 4 of 365 days of getting it done! As you can already see, it started out scratchy but has since turned into a pearler! My role with The SEO Co is coming along so freaking awesomely and that has made the day go so quickly – still isn’t over! There’s no need to bore you with the minute details as you all have better things to do than read about my work day. Smashed out another gruelling session at the gym. BRILLIANT!

More to the point, the last few days of putting my thoughts down here on 365 days of getting it done are starting to prove invaluable. The more I immerse myself in the online space, the more amazing it becomes as the potential is only limited by my understanding of it all. Not only that, but it also is helping to evolve my ability to communicate on different aspects of marketing and advertising with companies. To the average punter, that can be boring as bat shit. To me – EXCITING TIMES!

It’s like a snowball effect. The more time and energy I put into it, the more it expands along with my awareness. Again, I’m not expecting any one to actually read this and be as excited as I am about the online space – but hopefully create a buzz in their world enough that they get enthused massively about something. How ambiguous is that statement. Thankfully this is just a blog and not the new world order or we’d be in a mess!

Anyway, life is a freaking awesome – if you let it be! On the road to awesomeness.

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